Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fighting Sleep

I need to start by saying that Jacob and Sydney share a bedroom. It has worked out pretty well, but definitely has had its challenges. On a typical night we put Syd down and let her get to sleep and then we put Jacob down. And that's what we did tonight...except that he kept getting out of bed and coming back into the living room asking questions and just trying to stay up a little longer.

Well after a few times of putting him back to bed and giving a few spankings, Jacob comes out of his room in just his diaper and socks! He is grinning from ear to ear and Mike and I are holding back major laughter! I told Jacob to get back in bed and he said he wanted to have his pjs on. I told him he could sleep without pjs because he took them off.

Story over, right? Of course not!

Jacob came out of his room a few minute later with his shirt on...except that one of the arms was inside out and the shirt was all twisted/tangled up. Again, trying not to laugh, I help him fix his shirt and send him back to bed, AGAIN!

Well, about 2 minutes later he comes out again and he has his pants on...only they are inside out and kattywhoppus (sp?). Again, laughter suppressed, I at least fix the waistband of his pjs and send him back to bed. We haven't seen him since was about 1.5 ago, so I guess he's asleep finally!

Oh the joy of a three year old boy! He keeps us laughing!


The Laws Family said...

Kendon drives me NUTS what he does that. . .among other things that he does to drive me nuts!! Ha ha